The Titan Guarantee


TITAN AUTOMOTIVE GUARANTEES all of our vehicles with a 3 month 3,000 mile powertrain warranty. Our warranty nation wide warranty is honored at any franchise new car dealer or any ASE Certified service facility in the United States or Canada. Our rigorous 120-Point inspection protects all of our valued customers from any out of pocket costs after purchase. TITAN AUTOMOTIVE spares no expense to deliver the highest quality pre-owned vehicles in Arizona. Buy from TITAN AUTOMOTIVE and Buy With Confidence!!!

  • Check for engine starting ease
  • Check transmission for proper engagement, shifting, noise clutch engagement vibration and shifter and indicator
  • Check for unusual engine and exhaust noises
  • Check for engine smoothness at idele and acceleration
  • Check rear end for noise and vibration
  • Check to make sure all malfunction indicator lights operate
  • Check all gauge and dash backlights for operation
  • Check speedometer and odometer operation
  • Check for steering wandering, pull, and play
  • Check for tire vibration and steering wheel shaking
  • Check brake system for abnormal noise or vibration, brake pad and shoe thickness, rotors and drum condition, check for leaks and condition of master cylinder, lines etc
  • Check ABS for normal operation in panic stop
  • Check cruise control for normal operation in all modes
  • Check heater and A/C operation, fan speeds, and all modes
  • Check windshield wiper and washer operation, lines, and tank
  • Check for proper transfer case and 4X4 operation, hubs etc.
  • Check stereo operation (radio, speakers, etc.)
  • Check wheels for damage, alikeness, lock key
  • Check horn operation
  • Check for any warning lights on test drive
  • Check for any fluid leaks or smoke after and on road test
  • Check power steering for proper operation and for leaks
  • Check rear view mirrors for tightness and operation inc power
  • Check seat adjuster, arm rests, door handles, and locks, inc pwr
  • Check for body damage, loose molding s and matching hub caps
  • Check all glass for cracks and windows for proper operation
  • Check for spare tire, jack and tool kit
  • Check operation and condition of all exterior lights including fog if applicable
  • Check condition of all drive belts and fan condition
  • Check pulleys, hoses and lines in engine compartment
  • Check for abnormal oil or fuel leaks
  • Check distributor, cap, wires and plugs
  • Check rack and pinion and gear box
  • Check steering linkage, springs and shocks
  • Check over exhaust system
  • Check motor and transmission mounts
  • Check drive shafts, u-joints, differential, cv joints & bootsCheck tires for tread, cracking
  • Check for any leaks at fuel tank and lines
    Torque wheels
  • Check all seat belts for condition and latching properly
  • Check parking brake for holding vehicle properly.
  • Check over a/c system for leaks
    Check over power outlets and cigarette lighter
  • Check sunroof and convertible top where applicable
  • Lifted vehicle has lift technician check over lift for all proper components, condition and retorqued as needed
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check and change air and fuel filter if necessary
  • Check radiator fluid and fill if necessary
  • Check windshield wiper fluid and fill if necessary
  • Check and clean battery cables
  • Check and inflate tires as needed
  • Top off all fluids
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